Hi! šŸ‘‹ Iā€™m a Software Engineer (JavaScript ā€¢ Python - currently learning: jQuery ā€¢ Bootstrap ā€¢ Django ā€¢ PostgreSQL ) and TV Composer (NETFLIX ā€¢ BBC ā€¢ Channel 4).

Currently taking a Diploma in Full Stack Software Development with Code Intitute.


Identify This Chord screenshot

Identify This Chord

A Music Quiz Game

JavaScript ā€¢ Web Audio API ā€¢ CSS ā€¢ HTML

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Command Line Coffee screenshot

Command Line Coffee

Coffee ordering app with a command-line interface

Python ā€¢ gspread API ā€¢ Google Sheets database

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Composer Portfolio screenshot

Composer Portfolio

Website for TV Composer

HTML ā€¢ CSS ā€¢ JavaScript

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